The revolutionary CERAGEM Automatic Thermal

CERAGEM Thermal Massager incorporates massage & CERAGEM
PRESSURE while Radiant Far Infrared Heat is optimized utilizing
jade and Epoxy Carbon Panel.

It is the first and only machine that unblocks one's energy
channels while relaxing the muscles around the spine by applying
the principles of Finger Pressure, Massage, Moxibustion and Heat
Therapy utilizing Radiant Far Infrared Heat to improve blood
circulation as the Internal Projector works its way along the spine.
CERAGEM Principles

Finger Pressure
Finger Pressure is a practice done by hand to relieve
compressed nerves by correcting the spinal alignment. This
stimulation allows your body to return to its natural rhythm.

This therapy is one of the oldest forms known to relieve pain,
relax the muscles and stimulate the body.

This method utilizes heat derived from a mixture of herbs to
stimulate pressure points which promote the body's ability to
heal itself, increase blood circulation and provide relaxation.

Radiant Far Infrared Heat
The benefits of Radiant Far Infrared Heat have been researched
and noted to increase blood circulation throughout the body,
improving overall health.

Ceragem emits an optimal level of Radiant Far Infrared Heat
through our Internal & External Projectors and our Epoxy Carbon
Panels (components are in the main & lower mat).
CERAGEM Functions

External Projectors
3-Sphere & 9-Sphere External Projectors can be applied to arms,
shoulders, abdomen or other parts of the body. This
simultaneous application of the External and Internal Projectors
amplify the therapeutic effects and enhance the overall
effectiveness of the massage session.

Smart Back Track System
Bio-technically advanced design of the Internal Projector is set
on the Smart Back-Track-System which follows the natural
curvature of the spine. The weight of the user provides
balanced pressure along the back with Radiant Far Infrared Heat
and allows the user to turn over on the unit for a more complete
and comprehensive therapy.

Main/Lower Mat
The main and lower mats incorporate epoxy carbon panels that
intensify Radiant Far Infrared Heat and allows the user to turn
over on the unit for a more complete and comprehensive
Effects on the Body
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