CERAGEM combines Eastern health techniques handed down from generation to
generation with the most scientifically advanced medical breakthroughs of today.
Experience this revolutionary Automatic Thermal Massager in the comfort of your
home and share it with your family...
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CERAGEM Thermal Massager incorporates massage & CERAGEM PRESSURE while
Radiant Far Infrared Heat is optimized utilizing jade and Epoxy Carbon Panel. It is the
first and only machine that unblocks one's energy channels while relaxing the muscles
around the spine by applying the principles of ...
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CeraMAT's 3-Layer Heating Wire blocks EMF at its origin. Most generic heating pads
or electric blankets are comprised of single electrical wires which emit EMF. The
patented 3-layer heating wire allows the electrical currents to flow in opposite
directions to minimize EMF production...
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Brand New Ceragem V3 has arrived!

The Ceragem V3 is an Automatic Thermal Massage Bed that is an award winning
massage instrument that is designed to provide the benefits of massage, address
multitude of health needs, and improve quality of well being. The spine scanning
technology massage bed is inspired and designed to provide the benefits of massage,
chiropractic treatments, acupressure, and far infrared heat therapy. With the infusion
of warm far infrared heat during the massage cycle, the massage offered by the
Ceragem V3 greatly relaxes muscles and eases pain..
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Healax is designed to provide relaxing percussive massage where applied. With
internal heating, Healax enhances the massaging experience with soothing warmth.
With specially designed solenoids, Healax offers several levels of percussive
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