What is an Electromagnetic Field (EMF)?
EMF is an electric current. It is differentiated into two categories: EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) and EMF
(Electromagnetic Fields). Of the two, EMF is purportedly harmful to the body and has created worldwide alarm as the 4th
leading environment pollutant.
An example of an appliance emitting high frequency waves, as EMF, is the microwave. These high frequency waves cause
water molecules in food to vibrate rapidly causing friction, which produces heat and cooks food.

Although general household appliances emit lesser amounts of EMF than the microwave, prolonged exposure to EMF can
result in various problems such as disruption of neurological signals, decrease in melatonin production, and metabolic

Home appliances such as refrigerators, TVs and computers emit comparatively larger amounts of EMF. Electric blankets and
heating pads can be particularly harmful since they are in direct contact with the user’s skin for relatively long periods of time.
CeraMAT: Dual-Protection Methods of Minimizing EMF

CeraMAT's 3-Layer Heating Wire blocks EMF at its origin. Most generic heating pads or electric blankets are comprised of
single electrical wires which emit EMF. The patented 3-layer heating wire allows the electrical currents to flow in opposite
directions to minimize EMF production.

CeraMAT also features a copper mesh, which contains a grounding wire that acts as a conductor to absorb EMF that is not
blocked by the 3-Layer Heating Wire.

In addition, the Copper Mesh also absorbs EMF emitted by nearby appliances, creating a safer and comfortable
environment. CeraMAT's 2 unique methods of minimizing EMF allows people from all walks of life to experience and benefit
from the CeraMAT.

CeraMAT: Rejuvenation by Negative Ions

The reason people feel refreshed near the ocean or deep within a forest is due to an abundance of negative ions. Negative
ions form naturally from the earth and when water dissolves into its elements. CeraMAT utilizes the principles of a
conductor rod with its copper-mesh that is grounded to draw up natural negative ions into its environment. That is the
secret behind the fresh feeling one receives the minute CeraMAT is utilized.

Product description

Prevents ticks and mites.
Non-flammable and water-proof coated.

PVC-Coated Cotton Sheet

Copper Mesh
Absorbs any remaining traces of EMF as well as the EMF emitted by electrical appliances in its vicinity. It also draws natural
negative ions and releases them into its environment. Copper also acts as a natural inhibitor of bacteria and will not
exacerbate any bacterial related skin conditions as well as neutralizing offensive odors.

Carbon Tetron Pad
Converts electric heat into Radiant Far-Infrared Heat. It reduces harmful toxins in the air and neutralizes offensive odors.

3 Layer Heating Wire
CeraMAT's unique 3-Layer Heating Wire, patented in the U.S., causes magnetic fields responsible for producing EMF to
counteract and neutralize each other, effectively eliminating upto 99% of EMF. In addition, CeraMAT automatically turns off
once it reaches its maximum temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60 degrees Celsius) for maximum safety.

Thermal Pad
A 15mm thick micro-fiber provides a remarkable level of comfort and heat preservation. It also prevents warping due to long
term use.

CeraMAT Cover (Optional)
The cover is easy to remove and wash, preventing the CeraMat from becoming soiled or stained. A zipper opening is placed
on the corner of the Cover (in line with CeraMAT) for a power plug outlet to be connected.

Sizes Available   
Twin size with Removable Cover (Optional)
Full size with Removable Cover (Optional)
Queen size with Dual Remote Controller and Removable Cover (Optional)
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