Introducing The Full Digital CERAGEM-RH

CERAGEM combines Eastern health techniques handed down from generation to generation with the most scientifically
advanced medical breakthroughs of today.

Experience this revolutionary Automatic Thermal Massager in the comfort of your home and share it with your family.
Improve your overall well being with the CERAGEM Automatic Thermal Massager.

Innovative Features

Finger Pressure
Finger Pressure is a practice done by hand to relieve compressed nerves by correcting the spinal alignment.
This stimulation allows your body to return to its natural rhythm.

Massage is one of the oldest and rudimentary forms of therapy. This method involves stroking, pressing and
kneading different areas of the body to relieve pain, relax the muscles, and stimulate the body.

A method utilizing heat derived from mixture of herbs to stimulate pressure points which promote the body's
ability to heal itself, increase blood circulation and provide relaxation.

Radiant Far Infrared Heat
The benefits of Radiant Far Infrared Heat have been researched and noted to increase blood circulation
throughout the body, improving overall health. Ceragem emits an optimal level of Radiant Far Infrared Heat
through our Internal and External Projectors and our Epoxy Carbon Panels, components located within the
main and lower mat.
A flexible, thermal pad that is used as an accessory to the Ceragem, Automatic Thermal Massager which
incorporates both jade and ceramic mud-granules to emit and maintain an optimal level of Radiant
Far-Infrared Heat. The flexibility of the CeraPad provides the user a comprehensive application to the
contours of your body.

External Projectors
3-Sphere and 9-Sphere External Projectors can be applied to various parts of the body. Application of the
External Projectors while using the Automatic, Semi-Automatic, Manual or Massage Modes will enhance
the overall effectiveness of the Ceragem-RH.

Smart back-Track System
The weight of the user provides balanced pressure along the back with Radiant Far Infrared Heat for
maximum comfort and pain relief.

Main Mat
It utilizes both the Internal Projector and Epoxy Carbon Panels to emit an optimal level of Radiant Far
Infrared Heat. In addition, the user can also turn over for an abdominal application to attain comprehensive
therapeutic benefits.

Lower Mat
A "Jade Panel" is placed above the Epoxy Carbon Panel to maximize the benefits of Radiant Far Infrared
3 Pre-programmed Modes & 1 Manual

1. Automatic Mode
This mode has been pre-programmed to provide
approximately 40 minutes of complete massage and
CERAGEM Pressure™ with Moxibustion effect to the
spine and abdominal area.

2. Semi-Automatic Mode
Users can set the program to localize the application of
massage and CERAGEM Pressure™ with Moxibustion
effect to your desired area.

3. Massage Only Mode
This mode provides a continuous massage with the
optimal level of Radiant Far Infrared Heat.

4. Manual Mode
Users can manually move the Internal Projector to
apply massage, CERAGEM Pressure™ and Radiant Far
Infrared Heat to a specific area.
Ceragem RH
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