The Cerabelt is the new innovative vibration

The Cerabelt provides the perfect massage whether you do
physical work or sit in an office all day. It is ideal to use after an
extensive workout and/or other strenuous activities.

The Cerabelt delivers an oscillating massage with optional heat
application. The Auto program provides a convenient 10 minute
3-dimensional vibrating massage to the target area. The 15
vibration patterns can be adjusted to five different intensity levels
so that the user can choose a stimulating or soothing massage

The convenient carrying case, along with the portability and
versatility of the Cerabelt allows you to use it anywhere from your
office to your bed. A wireless remote control and an extension belt
are included.

The Cerabelt can be worn on your lower back, abdomen, and other
parts of your body such as hips, shoulders, thighs, legs and feet.
Back Application
The Cerabelt offers:

*A stimulating

*Dual massage
programs. Rhythmic
massage programs
vary in speed and

*Five levels of
speed and intensity
using the manual

*10-minute auto timer

*15 vibration
patterns provide
variety of massages

*A convenient
carrying case