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818 W. Diamond Ave. #100
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Alexander and Andrew King are following in the
footsteps of their father grandfather and great-

The two men have joined their father, Dr. Houng King, at
the Acupuncture Center of Frederick and Tri   Service
Clinic at 196 Thomas Johnson Drive, Suite 125.

“It was my best achievement to have them follow in my
steps,” Houng King said. He began doing acupuncture
and herbology in China more than 40 years ago. He
opened the acupuncture center in Frederick in 1984.
Along with the Kings, the center also has on staff Dr. Chenxi Yang, a licensed acupuncturist and doctor in Chinese medicine.

Alexander King, 26, was among the youngest graduates at Dongguk University in Los Angeles two years ago in acupuncture
and Oriental medicine. He also has studied Western medicine and said he works to address all aspects of patients’ needs.

“I grew up in a Chinese medicine family, and that led me to this path,” Alexander King said.

Andrew King, 23, said he wanted to be a little different. His focus is in massage therapy, and he received his training at the
Northern Virginia School of Therapeutic Massage.

“I treat the outside of the body, and the muscles and bones,” said Andrew King, who also had training in Taiwan and through
the family.

“You need to learn what to eat, drink and exercise. Medication is the last resort,” Houng King said. “Except when there is an
acute problem such as bacterial, then we refer you to a physician.”

Acupuncture, herbology and acupressure may have once been unknown to many local residents, but more are familiar with
them now.

“Frederick is a very open community,” Alexander King said.

“Much of his focus in on younger people,” Houng King said of Alexander. “Many have health issues.”

Alexander King said he is seeing patients as young as elementary school age, and many in high school.

“They abuse their bodies,” he said. “They want six-pack abs, they lift too much weights. They don’t eat or drink correctly,
they drink energy drinks.”

Andrew King said he sees young people, as well as adults, who have poor posture, which can lead to health problems, even
from playing golf or other sports.

“We get to the root of the problem,” said Houng King. “Not just a temporary fix to feel better. We want to find out what is
causing the problem.”

After that, with education and good health habits, patients don’t need to come to the office so much.

“We don’t want to see them in here all the time,” Andrew King said. “We teach them to take care of themselves. Just come in
for checkups.”

Houng King said observation is key for those trained in Chinese medicine.

“When someone comes into the office, we can often tell what the problem is just by looking at them immediately,” he said.

The doctors check facial features, nails and the tongue, all of which can help in diagnosing the problem.

“It is like a parent who sees their child. They can tell when something isn’t right,” Houng King said.

As older medical professionals retire, younger ones are needed to fill the gap, especially in a growing community like

Acupuncture can be used to treat many problems, from allergies to headaches, even weight issues, Houng King said.

Acupuncture Center of Frederick/Tri Service Clinic

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By Ed Waters Jr. News-Post Staff